There Will Always Be an Argument About Information

Question from Sam: Hi, so I was casually surfing the web when I came across a video in “Answers in Genesis” which was basically said it could disprove evolution in 3 minutes with two simple facts. The second fact, which they championed, made the claim that it was impossible (there are no possible means by … Continue reading “There Will Always Be an Argument About Information”

Hey, That’s Our Holiday!

Question from Marilyn: Why do Atheists celebrate Christian holidays? Answer by SmartLX: By and large, we don’t. Take a look at this list: atheists don’t celebrate Lent, Pentecost, The Assumption of Mary, Christ the King, All Souls’ Day, All Saints’ Day or over 20 others. And that’s without considering the individual saints’ days that occupy … Continue reading “Hey, That’s Our Holiday!”

What About Judaism?

Question from : Shalom all, I see that you focus on many religions, but haven’t seen anything on Judaism. I wonder what your opinion might be on it, and, if to someone, if the be Torah divine. To me it is, but I’d like to hear any arguments against it, not that I may refute … Continue reading “What About Judaism?”

The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, defeated?

Question: The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible contains a long list of supposed contradictions in the Bible, but apologetics sites such as have published articles reconciling every single one. Is there any remaining argument against the total internal consistency of the Bible, as befitting its divine origins? Answer by SmartLX: I’ve referred to this many times, … Continue reading “The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, defeated?”

A Little More Than Kin, And Less Than “Kind”

Question from Anisa: Is there any observable evidence of Darwinian evolution where there is a CHANGE OF KIND? By ‘KIND’, I mean from monkey to human etc. Not adaptation. CHANGE OF KIND. Answer by SmartLX: “Kind” in this context is used only by creationists as a pseudo-scientific term adapted from its use in the Book … Continue reading “A Little More Than Kin, And Less Than “Kind””

Why do some believers find it so hard to accept evolution?

Ras is back with another question…. I know I came here before when I asked a question about martial arts. But I have another question that has been bothering me for some time and thought I might ask. Why is it that some people still don’t admit the fact that evolution is scientifically true? Like … Continue reading “Why do some believers find it so hard to accept evolution?”

Something from nothing?

Got a question from Rick today who asks… Name: Rick Message: Do atheists believe that everything came from nothingness or do they believe that something has always been? Great question Rick! This is a common question that most atheists get from believers and it’s understandable why. Believers are taught that all things have a beginning … Continue reading “Something from nothing?”


Question from John: When computers become truly self-aware and sentient beings, will they be able to comprehend biological life or the existence of their creators? Would they not be in the same quandary as us biological, physical beings when contemplating a creator outside of our experience? Answer by SmartLX: If computers ever become sentient, they’ll … Continue reading ““– WHERE – IS – THE – CREATOR? –“”

Macro vs. Micro, bird and the egg, and deceitful theists.

Todays Question comes from Charles who asks… “My question is in reference to the theory of macro-evolution. I’ll start by saying that I was an atheist for around 5 years of my life but am now a Christian. I fully believe in micro-evolution as it is evident and has been proven Macro- evolution however has … Continue reading “Macro vs. Micro, bird and the egg, and deceitful theists.”

What A Wonderful…World

Question from Camary: How do you think you’re here today? Question from Devon: With no belief in God or Creation, how do you explain the beauty of this world? Question from Ethan: How can you think something so complex, something so wonderful as the world can be made out of a big bang? Answer by … Continue reading “What A Wonderful…World”