Alex Tsakiris on NDEs, and the Impotence of Debate

Question from Uriadka: Does Alex Tsakiris prove NDEs? He often uses a variety of NDE researchers and says that all these skeptics and atheists including Sam Harris, Christof Koch, have gone from skeptics to somewhat switching sides in the NDE debate. Here is a link where he debates Mike Shermer. He brings up some … Continue reading “Alex Tsakiris on NDEs, and the Impotence of Debate”

One NDE Question Left Over

Question from Kamil (sent before I answered his previous one): Hello there, a few weeks ago I asked about NDEs with many faces aka Jesus. I just wanted to give you only a few of about the 160-200 accounts I have found online of NDE meetings with Jesus, they are all pretty consistent, and I … Continue reading “One NDE Question Left Over”

NDEs: One Man’s Last Bastion of Belief

Question from Kamil: Is it worth it to believe in religion if the only reason I have to believe is NDEs? I mean, I know you might say no one can tell me what to believe, and I can’t choose what to believe, but the thing is, the nearest NDE study coming out that is … Continue reading “NDEs: One Man’s Last Bastion of Belief”

Cornering the Market, Continued: The NDE Niche

Question from Kamil: After emailing back and forth with a near death experience expert, I got a figure that from the NDEs he collects, about 13% of NDEs that people have include seeing Jesus. There are not too many Islamic NDEs, but there is yet to be one where a person encounters Muhammad. There are … Continue reading “Cornering the Market, Continued: The NDE Niche”

The Least Verifiable NDE Claim Yet

Question from Ned: Does this psychic woman prove Jesus? Answer by SmartLX: No. If anything in this story were true, it would be amazing, but there’s no evidence that it is, so that doesn’t begin to approach the criteria of proof that Jesus is alive and curing people. There are no names in the … Continue reading “The Least Verifiable NDE Claim Yet”

NDEs: When Hell Gets Repetitive

Question from Alexia: Hellish NDE consistency, potential proof: Here is Timothy LaFond’s depiction of hell after he was electrocuted and had a near death experience: “Besides the screaming of other people in torment, there were also demons. Yes, there really are demons! I could see their grotesque faces. They came up to me and taunted … Continue reading “NDEs: When Hell Gets Repetitive”

A Hindu Gets A Christian NDE

Question from Kamil: This is the story of Dr Rajiv Parti. I want to know if this story proves Christainity, as it happened to a Hindu man who was raised in India, yet saw Archangels Michael and Raphael. Parti had prostate cancer. The operation to remove the cancerous cells left him with complications: impotence, incontinence … Continue reading “A Hindu Gets A Christian NDE”

Seen One NDE, Seen Them All

Question from Vlad: Hello, was indoctrinated into Christian faith since birth. I have a hard time when people ask me what I believe. On one hand, I trust evolution, I have had difficulties accepting the Bible. The whole idea that religion is a man made construct with “heaven” and “hell” used as a mechanism for … Continue reading “Seen One NDE, Seen Them All”

NDE Claim: Al Sullivan and the Flapping Doctor

Question from Mirek: Most convincing NDE of all time. I want skeptic atheist opinions. I feel that if we do have a soul, this NDE describes it best. Perhaps you all have heard of it. Please give me your input, I want honest opinions about this amazing testimony. It sounds great at the surface, could … Continue reading “NDE Claim: Al Sullivan and the Flapping Doctor”

Trying to Cross Off a Couple of NDE Explanations

Question from Mirek: Here are some arguments against current scientific ideas about Near Death Experiences: First, Lack of Oxygen to the brain: Hogan: Lack of oxygen causes stupor without memories of the experience. People experiencing NDEs report enhanced consciousness not stupor and they remember their NDE. “Dr. Fred Schoonmaker, a cardiologist from Denver, had by … Continue reading “Trying to Cross Off a Couple of NDE Explanations”