Nasir Siddiki, Jesus, and Shingles

Question from Spivak: I would love to know your impression of this video, do you believe it? Answer by SmartLX: For those who don’t feel like watching, Nasir Siddiki claims that he called out to Allah and Muhammad for help as he was dying of an extreme case of facial shingles combined with chicken … Continue reading “Nasir Siddiki, Jesus, and Shingles”

Why Atheists Don’t Worship Jesus, Because Apparently Some People Want to Know

Question from Son of David: Hello, why don’t you have a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? The Son of God. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16 Answer by SmartLX: … Continue reading “Why Atheists Don’t Worship Jesus, Because Apparently Some People Want to Know”

The Face Of Jesus

Question from Vlad: Last night I got together with a few friends, and we were talking about how in Islam for example, there is very little imagery (if any) of the prophet Muhammad or Isa (Jesus) but how in Christianity, there are numerous depictions and drawings of Jesus. One thing I found curious was that … Continue reading “The Face Of Jesus”

An Informal Audience with Jesus

Question from Joe: I am a believer. However I have a really hard time with most churches and Christians. I agree on 99.9% of the points people like deGrasse Tyson, Dawkins and Hitchens make. Subjects like physics, astronomy, math, biology, etc. seem to answer more and more questions that Christianity used to simply answer with … Continue reading “An Informal Audience with Jesus”

It All Comes Back To Jesus

Question from Tim: Hello, Thanks a lot for the website! If you guys are too busy to respond I understand. Last year I finally managed to leave Christianity, but still have a few nagging doubts that I have been trying to resolve for some time now. My uncle told me that if I look at … Continue reading “It All Comes Back To Jesus”

“Hell Paging Dr Rawlings, Code Blue”

Question from Uriadka: Does this prove hell and NDEs? This story seems really compelling, and prayer seemed to get a person out of hell, like many hellish reports: Rawlings told the story of his patient who collapsed during a stress test, and “before we could stop the machine, he dropped dead.” Well, apparently not … Continue reading ““Hell Paging Dr Rawlings, Code Blue””

A Christian Plants His Feet

Question from Vern: I’m a Christian. I think atheists have the wrong idea. I had a Near Death Experience involving Jesus. He told me the day my wife would have a baby boy, 3 years down the road. Sure enough it happened, he told me it would be a blond boy and sure enough it … Continue reading “A Christian Plants His Feet”