That Little Flame That Lights A Fire Under Your Ass

Question from Steve: I would consider myself an agnostic theist with no ties to any organized religion. However Atheism confuses me for its inability to acknowledge the flaws of a lack of purpose. If everything and anything you or any being ever does is without purpose, even the potential for the existence of life is … Continue reading “That Little Flame That Lights A Fire Under Your Ass”

Approaches to Morality

Question from V: Well, obviously you reject God. As such i must assume you reject god-given moralities, and moral rules. As such i would like to ask what are the moral rules you accept and your rational justification for them. Thank you. Answer by SmartLX: I would say that I reject the idea that a … Continue reading “Approaches to Morality”

Death On The Brain

Question from Leon: Hey, I’m a 17 year old boy and I can’t seem to get my mind off the idea of God and religion. It all happened during the May 21 end of the world BS caused by Harold camping. I knew it wouldn’t happen but it got me thinking, if I did die … Continue reading “Death On The Brain”

Evidence and Proof

Question from Pachomius aka yrreg: What is your concept of evidence and proof? Please give five examples of evidence as of proof. By stating what five things are evidenced by what evidence. And what five things are proved by what proof. I understand there is a difference between evidence and proof, of course they are … Continue reading “Evidence and Proof”

Death and NOFX

Question from Anonymous C: I’m a 15 year old sophomore in a little city right outside of Chicago, IL. Seeing as it’s a suburb, I’ve had more than enough time to think, seeing as there is nothing to do (That’s my attempt at humor, haha). Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of against me … Continue reading “Death and NOFX”