Apr 11

The Dating Game

Artwork by Randy Russell at Windows to the Universe

Question from Bryan: Why is radiometric dating considered accurate? I will give two examples, one speculative and one based on actual observations: I understand half-life, log base-2 calculations and radiometric decay. What I don’t understand is how we assume a … Continue reading

Mar 30

We Are Of The Spirit, Truly Of The Spirit


Question from John: My question concerns words that have such broad constellations of meaning that they sometimes seem to mean nothing at all, but are nevertheless deeply embedded in the English language. Here’s the question: Consider the word, “SPIRITUALITY.” When … Continue reading

Mar 01

There’s Nothing, And Then There’s NOTHING

Question from Cherry: I’ve heard the theory from Krauss about how you get something from nothing, but if you don’t have multiverses, laws, quantum mechanics, vacuums, particles, empty space, energy, matter, infinite singularity, or potential how can something come into … Continue reading