SmartLX: The Return is dead, long live! Welcome to the new site. The old Drupal-based site ground to a halt (like many such sites, apparently) so we’ve gone to WordPress. Jake’s posted his old videos and I’ll be reposting my Great Big Arguments series (edit: it’s all up now), but the majority of the questions, answers … Continue reading “SmartLX: The Return”

Islam and Science Again

Question from : The Quran has verses about the Big Bang, the formation of the embryo, the speed of light and other scientific facts. How do I explain to a Muslim that these Quranic verses are incorrect or that Quran is incorrect? When I discuss such matters with Muslims, the discussion becomes dead as both … Continue reading “Islam and Science Again”

Akita and the Incorruptibles (if that were a comic book I’d read it)

Question from Jacob: Hello. Recently I stopped believing to a small degree, probably class 4 or 5 on the Dawkins scale (ATA Note: this indicates neutrality tending towards disbelief), mainly from reading the Old Testament. None of the mainstream Christian arguments are really that great like morality and so forth. But there are 2, well … Continue reading “Akita and the Incorruptibles (if that were a comic book I’d read it)”

The View from Outside (your body)

Question from Violeta: I am currently an agnostic, and I do believe in evolution, the Big Bang, I am a big fan of Richard Dawkins, Laurence Krauss, Hawking, just to name a few atheists. I think that for the most part, science does its job when explaining the universe, and the world in general. However, … Continue reading “The View from Outside (your body)”

Does evolution say its okay to bully?

Scott asks…. Hello, I am from Dallas and I go to a southern baptist school. Recently I had a project in my Logic and World Views class were I had to debate with another classmate on a controversial topic in today’s society, I choose the existence of god because I am an atheist and I … Continue reading “Does evolution say its okay to bully?”

Fear and uncertainty

Todays question is from Bishoy who asks… Name: Bishoy Message: Well, this will be long but please bear with me as my life is based upon this: First off a historical background of me, I’m 20 year old guy, have been raised and baptized as Coptic orthodox Christian and I became an atheist when I … Continue reading “Fear and uncertainty”

Biblical Evidence Disqualified?

Question from Zach: Does Christians not having evidence that isn’t rooted in the Bible mean there is no proof that has yet been discovered? Answer by SmartLX: What’s in the Bible isn’t proof either, so regardless of the Bible there’s no available proof at all. There are quite a few different ways in which people … Continue reading “Biblical Evidence Disqualified?”