Aug 06

The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, defeated?

Question: The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible contains a long list of supposed contradictions in the Bible, but apologetics sites such as have published articles reconciling every single one. Is there any remaining argument against the total internal consistency of the … Continue reading

May 13

And The Rest: You Finally Made A Monkey Out Of Me


Question: If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? Answer by SmartLX: Welcome to And The Rest, a potential new series where visitors and I try our best to create serious, concise, easy-to-understand answers to the most ignorant, … Continue reading

May 04

If Evolution Is True…

One type of trilobite-style eye

Question from Josh: If evolution is true,why did an EVOLUTIONIST admit that Archaeopteryx was/is a PERCHING BIRD!? Also,what about the sabretoothed herbivore,or the fact that Trilobites have such perfect vision that there was no distortion (at ALL!)? Answer by SmartLX: … Continue reading

Apr 23

Why don’t scientists prove god doesn’t exist?


Question from Jan, Hi! First, let’s realize the difference between the following three words: agnostic, atheist and antitheist. OK? Are you ready? So, how can someone who calls himself a scientist be an atheist (or even antitheist)? The science is … Continue reading

Apr 11

The Dating Game

Artwork by Randy Russell at Windows to the Universe

Question from Bryan: Why is radiometric dating considered accurate? I will give two examples, one speculative and one based on actual observations: I understand half-life, log base-2 calculations and radiometric decay. What I don’t understand is how we assume a … Continue reading