Macro vs. Micro, bird and the egg, and deceitful theists.

Todays Question comes from Charles who asks… “My question is in reference to the theory of macro-evolution. I’ll start by saying that I was an atheist for around 5 years of my life but am now a Christian. I fully believe in micro-evolution as it is evident and has been proven Macro- evolution however has … Continue reading “Macro vs. Micro, bird and the egg, and deceitful theists.”

What A Wonderful…World

Question from Camary: How do you think you’re here today? Question from Devon: With no belief in God or Creation, how do you explain the beauty of this world? Question from Ethan: How can you think something so complex, something so wonderful as the world can be made out of a big bang? Answer by … Continue reading “What A Wonderful…World”

Science and Human Evolution

Question from EvoE: What is the proof humans have evolved from a common ancestor? If the scientific method is observation, data collection, internal and external validity and reliability; then how can one observe human evolution? Answer by SmartLX: We don’t observe human evolution. Scientists genuinely don’t know whether it’s still happening, and discuss it often. … Continue reading “Science and Human Evolution”

The Journey of a Soul

Question from Heather: I really appreciate this website, it is quite useful. Early thank you for answering my question. Most theists often worry about where our ‘soul’ goes when we die. I am more interested about where our ‘soul’ was before we were born. I often ask my theist friends this and most of them … Continue reading “The Journey of a Soul”

God in the numbers? The devil’s in the details.

Question from Neil: As a ill-educated atheist how do I best explain the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence being nothing to do with a god? Answer by SmartLX: The same way Darwin explained that the diversity of life need have nothing to do with a god: by showing the Ratio’s natural origins. For those unfamiliar … Continue reading “God in the numbers? The devil’s in the details.”

Christian Talking Points: a laundry list

Question from Chris: I am just curious, if you dont believe in God, then what is the whole point of your life, and how did we all get here, we just suddenly appeared, I have never been brainwashed as to some people on this forum are saying, but your forum actually proves that there is … Continue reading “Christian Talking Points: a laundry list”

NT Historical, Or IsN’T Historical?

Question from Malachy: What is your theory to how Christianity started? Was it a lie? was is a legend? Was it a Historical novel? and why. the more details the better. Answer by Andrea: Hi Malachy, Before I did my research, I heard that Christianity started because the times were hard for the people and … Continue reading “NT Historical, Or IsN’T Historical?”

Christian Worldview: The Atheist Perspective

Question from Cassie: I need an athiest view on Reality, Knowledge, Human Nature, Human Problems, Solutions to Human problems, Human Value, Human Purpose, Ethics, Suffering, Meaning in Life and Human desire. With what I have read it is being said an athiest does not have Human Value, Human Purpose, Ethics, Suffering or meaning in life. … Continue readingChristian Worldview: The Atheist Perspective”

Two-faced Christians?

Question from Tyler: I feel like the more i deep into history that christainty seems more as a fake. I wanna know if im the only one that notices it. For example, the poor only believed in Jesus when he was on earth. and it was a dark time. so it sounds like it was … Continue reading “Two-faced Christians?”