Just Being Around a Box Jellyfish Is a Near Death Experience Anyway

Question from Jay:
Hello, I was wondering what you thought of Ian McCormack’s NDE testimony, this is a man who claims he was swimming in the ocean in Mauritius, was stung by a box jellyfish, died, went to hell, was then given a second chance, shown heaven, etc. He claims that he has been retelling his testimony for over 30 years hundreds of times at these religious conventions, and tons of people approach him, saying they saw hell in an NDE of their own and it is exactly the way he described it. He was also apparently an atheist when this took place. When I typed down “box jellyfish sting survival rate” into google, his testimony comes up, even though I didn’t search for NDEs. It seems he beat the odds by surviving, as the sting kills most people, and he had such a vivid testimony. Do you think even though he claims thousands of people came to him and told him they saw hell in NDEs just like he did that it doesn’t prove a hell?

Answer by SmartLX:
For reference, here’s his story in the first person.

See Wikipedia: most box jellyfish encounters aren’t too serious, so the survival rate is pretty good. There are no statistics on survival rates for a full-blown sting, only a very rough number of fatalities per year in a few regions.

Hell to McCormack was darkness, disembodiment, angry voices and a sense of unease. This is a very easy dream to have if you are under stress, so I wouldn’t be surprised if many people remember something similar as they listen to him. That said, we have only his word how many people have corroborated his story, so to speak, and even that is an estimate.

Primarily, we have absolutely no evidence for the critical facts of the story itself: the severity and location (even the occurence) of the sting, the time he went untreated and unconscious, the doctor’s reaction, how long he was in hospital, whether he was an atheist beforehand, etc. And that’s before the claims of anything supernatural. A “vivid” testimony counts for nothing; think of your favourite work of fiction and consider how vivid a narrative can be without being at all true.

13 thoughts on “Just Being Around a Box Jellyfish Is a Near Death Experience Anyway”

  1. As always, I leave to SmartLX SERIOUS replies to such STUPID questions.

    From ME, there is NO HELL, NO PARADISE, NO GOD, NO NOTHING, after death.

    Just the NEGATIVE of the word existence: NON EXISTENCE.

    Like, as when you had not been born. Your consciousness is material and as such dies together with your material brain, of which it is a part, or rather, on of its functions. DIES.

    Sorry to break the bad news to you and the rest of the suckers here.

  2. I would say that his recount lacks for one the verification that he died. For two, went to hell, or three that he came back from hell.
    The Bible says that no one who dies goes anywhere except to the grave, and there they await the return of Jesus. After Jesus returns comes the Judgement to determine whether someone receives his just punishment or their just reward. Not before. The Bible makes it very clear that we, in no way, of no part, are we immortal. We have to given immortality. This is more than clear when you read John 3:16, and many other Biblical texts that tell us that we do not have immortality. And logically speaking, if we already had eternal, life why would God be using the gift of eternal, life if we had eternal life already?
    We don’t, we won’t live forever unless we accept Christ as our Savior.
    Revelation 22:10 clearly tells us that those who obey God’s commandments are the only ones who will be permitted to eat from the Tree of Life and enter into the gates of God’s city, the New Jerusalem. So, if something contradicts the Bible, then it is error.

    1. Who cares what your bubble (or babble) says?! Remember WHO wrote it!!!

      The only thing that matters is what SCIENCE says.
      And, it says THERE IS NO GOD.

      STEPHEN HAWKING said so, and what HE said is what MATTERS.

      1. Hi again Niki. Thanks for your attempt to input. Maybe something a little more informative would be better though.

        1. Ok, read some SCIENCE, NOT the babble, as the ‘BIBLE’ is.

          I suggest RICHARD DAWKINS, SAM HARRIS, CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, thou he is a top class world INTELLECTUAL, DANIEL DANNET, a PHILOSOPHER, thou he is a proponent of ‘free’ will, hahaha, STEPHEN HAWKING and many others.

          1. And if this is all you got, then you might as well come on over to the ranks of the Creationists. They are getting bigger.

          2. Hi Niki, how can you be so sure?
            I’m a cancer biologist with a PhD, and know the human cells inside out. I’ve learnt most, if not all, of the scientific theories about the origin of life and evolution. Yet I’m not sure. As a scientist, we are always skeptical, but at the same time we keep our minds open as we don’t know everything.
            I have worked with many renowned scientists in the medical research field, and have had many many opportunities to attend seminars given by Nobel laureates. However, majority of the scientists whom I have talked with, including professors at major universities and research institutes in the US and other countries, are not 100% certain about the existence of God and afterlife, although few of them are Christians or religious at all. The reason is simple: we simply cannot prove it; that is, we’re not sure if there is God and afterlife, as this is beyond the scope of science.
            Everything in science requires faith to believe in. How do you know the Big Bang theory is true? It’s a theory, which means that it’s a hypothesis – something that we THINK might be true, and is NOT ABSOLUTELY true. Think about this: the universe expands from a dot with almost no mass to trillions of miles within 10 to the power of −32 second according to the Big Bang theory. All things in the universe we have now is derived from nothing. This sounds more like a creation theory to me.
            Perhaps if we look at the evidence, not just follow those famous people blindly, we will eventually find the truth one day.

  3. I do believe you when you say there is no hell. At least for now. But now the question is, Just how do you know with such certainty that there is no paradise, no God. You believe in transitional even though you have never seen any. So just because you have never seen God doesn’t mean He isn’t.
    And I do have a problem with your “no nothing”. Even you have to admit, you exist. Wouldn’t that make you something, or at least someone.
    And the Bible says that yes we will all, or almost all die, but we will be guarded within the all too amazing, more than we can comprehend mind of God.

  4. i of course meant will you please shut up, get out of here and keep out thank you
    or, alternatively, i will take back my ‘good’ opinion on you, as of a tender fool and see you for what you are, just a fool, without the ‘tender’ bit

    1. Niki, you lower yourself to a new level of disrespect. If you don’t agree, with what I have offered, please just provide evidence that shows that I am in error.

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