Bryan Melvin: Another Hell Tourist?

Question from Vlad:
Do you believe this man? Apparently people say they knew him and that he is totally genuine. They say they went to school with him and he was a total atheist until this experience, where he wrote books about it and became a pastor, but I have my doubts. I feel he may have lied to make a profit.

Answer by SmartLX:
Bryan Melvin certainly made a profit whether or not he believes his own claims. It doesn’t cost much to put out a book with a Christian self-publishing company, and the above video is on sale too.

Atheists do sometimes convert to Christianity and other religions, so there’s really no problem with the idea that Melvin was once an atheist. What’s important is the reasons why people convert, and Melvin’s reason is a personal experience which he really has no way to establish as supernatural as opposed to generated by his own brain at some stage during his cholera episode. If it was real to him, and as intense as it sounds, objective examination of his own state of mind would have gone out of the window very quickly.

One thought on “Bryan Melvin: Another Hell Tourist?”

  1. I know a baptist preacher that became religious after a plane crash he was in. He lost a few fingers, and amazingly that was about the extent of his injuries. He’s a good person, and truly believes he was “called” to become a preacher after his god sent him a message via the plane crash. I’ve tried to point to him that he probably suffered some mental trauma because of that experience, but he has always refused any kind of counseling. Most people I have known that went from atheism to religious experienced some kind of traumatic event, so the man in the YouTube video is a fairly common case I’d say. it’s interesting, though, how so many have had a brush with death (or injury or suffered a major loss) have a sudden change in their personality. It appears to me, in my opinion, that they’ve developed a coping mechanism to answer why that thing happened to them, and they spend the rest of their lives leaning on that mental crutch, instead of dealing with the event and moving on…

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