The NDE From Hell

Question from Halil:
Ok, so on YouTube there are a variety of videos on some pro-Christian channels that encompass interviews of Christians who apparently were sinners, did not go to church, drank alcohol, masturbated, etc. and they talk about how they had Near Death Experiences or visions while they were sleeping where they visited hell. Some describe hell as flames with many demons, and very loud screams, others describe it as a dark quiet place without God.

One experience kind of frightened me. It was about an elderly priest who used to be a firefighter when he was younger. He states that he took drugs often, smoked weed, drank, etc. He said he went to Sunday school for 12 years growing up, but that he never read the Bible. Then he said his parents were not happy that he drank / took drugs, so he stopped. One day, he was at work and somehow got electrocuted, and then he said he could still see clearly, suddenly, he saw utter darkness, and had a life review showing all of his sins ever committed. Then he saw demons, which mocked him, and told him “we got you now” very much like the demons in Howard Storm’s NDE story. This priest also saw fires, called out to God, and His right hand came and pulled him out of the fire. Suddenly he was back at work and people came running as they heard him screaming. Then, he went to the hospital, and decided that he knew that hell was real.

What do you think could be an explanation of this experience? Do these so called “visions” give any of you atheists chills in case it is right? I am not Christian, but do Christians believe that they would see demons in hell? Because many of these hell stories always seem to have demons that mock God and torture the people experiencing them. Also, how could a brain come up with such graphic imagery?

Answer by SmartLX:
The extreme variety with which Hell is supposedly perceived tells you for a start that most (if not all) of these people are not seeing accurate visions, even if they’re telling the truth about what they remember.

This priest’s story has him spending a long time unconscious with his body and brain in an extreme state of distress. He sees many of the most well-known elements of the Christian story of the afterlife: a review of his sins, fires and sadistic demons in Hell because he had sinned, the literal hand of God saving him. If he was brought up in a Christian family or community even without believing, he would associate all these images with death and it’s the first place his mind would go in these circumstances whether in a dream or in a hallucination. Of course no Christian dogma states that God will immediately save you from Hell once you’re already sent there; instead that’s the point at which it’s too late to avoid your fate. As a priest, he’ll have had to find a way to reconcile his own story with the doctrine of his denomination.

Finally, brains came up with all the graphic imagery you’ve ever seen in a book, painting, sculpture, movie or video game. Artists see it all in their heads before they create it, and to their great frustration sometimes the images in their heads are much grander than what they can bring into reality. The dream of a brain near death can be a wild place.

5 thoughts on “The NDE From Hell”

  1. The Bible does not reflect what many who call themselves Christians believe. Sat an and the other demons are not in charge of hell. Son if there was a hell right now, they would not be saying we got you now. Because they would be got also. But the Bible clearly shows that he’ll is reserved unti the time after Jesus returns the second time. Remember I showed that man is not immortal. Man will die and sleep the sleep of death until the time Christ returns and wakes each group of those who will be sleeping. The righteousness will be awakened immediately upon His return. They would not have been already in heaven floating around without a body. They would have been sleeping in the ground in their graves. The thing is because of the fact that some people translated the Greek word “sheol” as “hell” and not the way it should be translated “grave” the false teaching has arisen now that hell is a place right now. Even though this teaching is running contrary to what the Biblical theme of the Bible. Please look to the website “amazing” and read the studies or watch the videos provided about the immortality of man. Death and hell. No text from the Bible will contradict another text from the Bible. If you read one text and you start forming an opinion of what that text is saying but then you read another text that seems to contradict the first text you found, then go to the other texts and see which of the views is the major theme of the Bible. And no text should or would cause someone to believe something that is contrary to the major and principle reason for why God gave us the Bible. And that was to reveal Himself to man. And that Revelation at its basis is the fact that God loves us. There are no two ways about it. He loves us. So the teaching that God would send man to burn and be tortured in the flaming fires of hell through out eternity, is a false teaching completely. The Bible says that God will cleanse the earth of sin with fire after Christ returns. And sinice satan is the one that started sin,and caused man to fall, God will punish him for doing so, by not granting him eternal life. He will cease to exist. So to will be everyone else who has refused God’s many invitations through their lifetime to accept Him and life. If they side with satan, they will be punished with him. But the afore mentioned website will do a better job in explining all of this. And it will help settle the question of End of Life experiences. At least the false ones.

    1. Halil, please note that everything, and I mean everything, that Gerald has stated above is speculative and unproven. Some Christians would tell him he doesn’t even have the right interpretation of the 2000 year old book known as the Bible. The fact that it needs interpretation, along with being the most edited book in history, is quite enough to steer clear of the whole thing entirely.

      NDEs are related to trauma and stress to the brain. There are many reports of people experiencing a “NDE” when they faint. That’s hardly being near death. Research has shown that loss of oxygen flow causes tunnel vision. Now that NDEs are a commonly known claim, it appears to happen to people all the time. Just like Big Foot claims….

  2. Tim, what have I said that is speculative, that I have not given a Bible verse as support? And I almost openly supported your view that the NDE’s are almost always just dreams and not ones soul leaving your body to float off to heaven or hell. I stated that man is not immortal so he would not survive burning in hell but for a little. I stated that hell will be a time that this earth will be flooded wit fire from heaven by God to destroy the devil and sin and anyone who decided to believe in the devil instead of Godd. So he’ll is not here yet, because Christ has not returned yet. So until then the dead go to sleep and are buried. And wait for the return of Jesus when He will awaken the righteous dead to take them and the then living righteous but then transformed, back to heaven for a period of time. The wicked who were alive when Christ returned will be slain by the glory and majesty of Jesus which is as a consuming fire. Only those who have given their lives to Christ will have been made part of His glory and it will not affect them. So to reiterate. The dreamt hat one has is nothing but a dream. Your spirit does not leave your body. To go to heaven or hell. When you go to heaven or hell you will have a body of some kind. The wicked will have a human physical body. And the righteous will have a transformed immortal body to live with Christ and God our Father for ever. Amen and amen.

    1. Gerald writes: [Tim, what have I said that is speculative, that I have not given a Bible verse as support?]

      As I wrote in my first post, and must now do so again because of your trouble grasping things, is that many Christians do not agree with you. They quote the same passages and say it means something else. What makes you right, and them wrong?

      [Your spirit does not leave your body.]

      There is no evidence for spirits. I’d ask if you have any, but we already know the answer is “no”, so let’s not pretend otherwise.

      The rest of your post was preaching, and not useful for a civilized discussion, so I didn’t bother quoting it here and now…

  3. I know that this is hard for you to understand Tim, but the body does not need interpretation by any one person. The Holy Spirit is the One that gives the understanding of God’s word. But if someone feels has a teaching, that they feel is supported by one text from the Bible, but there is another text that contradicts that teaching, then that teaching is not what the Bible is saying. All the Bible texts must be in harmony with what we believe or else we are believing error. And whenever we hold error more important then truth, then we are not believing in the true God. And the other teaching that God would send someone to burn and burn and be tortured forever in hell, is not the true God of the Bible. God warned us about sin, so that we would not suffer the affects of sin. He warned us about sin so that we would not be tortured by sin. So why would He later toss someone into hell to be tortured forever if He was trying to keep them from suffering all along. He doesn’t want them to suffer because He loved them. He loves us. He loves us. That is why He warns us about sin. He knew that killing and stealing and all the rest, will only bring misery. And yes finally death, but in the meantime suffering. But God does not want this. That is why He gave us His word. So that we don’t need to suffer needlessly. And that is why He would not let man be immortal without each one accepting Him completely with their whole heart. Because if He gave eternal life to those who do not accept Him then they would be suffering forever. So in the end, Christ will cleanse the earth with fire from heaven. That will be the hellfire, that will consume all that has been tainted by the blight of sin. And if we have not given our lives to Him, we too will be identified as sin and obliterated. And that will be forever. But that forever will be without suffering. Because we will be as if we never were.

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