Merry Christmas from atheists. Yeah, we said it.

Non-question from Lukas:
This is not a question but a Christmas wish. I wish you all on this site Ask the Atheist all the people who wrote here if it are believers or atheists a great Christmas Holidays and a Happy New Year 2014. I also want to wish this to all providers of the site Ask the Atheist and thanks for all the answers and keep up the great work.


Answer by SmartLX:
Right back atcha Lukas. Merry Christmas. Rather than losing out to “Happy Holidays”, may the word “Christmas” continue to settle into the secular English lexicon until its religious meaning is all but forgotten, as it is with the days of the week. Happy New Year too.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from atheists. Yeah, we said it.”

  1. Merry Christmas … and a Happy New Year!

    God ain’t near … but let’s spread the cheer 🙂

    As an interesting aside (and just to press the point on how weird religions can be), where I work and live currently (the Arabic gulf), there were rumors that most Islamic states were considering banning Christmas celebrations this year since some people’s interpretation of Islam is that other religions are mostly false with false prophets etc (!).
    These were just rumors of-course. Civil society in most countries is usually much more pragmatic and … well … civil, to follow narrow dictates and interpretations.

  2. Merry Christmas guys and gals. I also wanted to send this message, so I’m glad you did Lukas.

    I prefer to keep calling it Christmas…because that’s what it is to me. If you celebrate something else, then happy whatever the hell you celebrate. But I celebrate Christmas. 🙂

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