No atheists?

George asks an interesting question…

Name: George Thomas
Message: Hello there. I have a teacher that always says “There are no atheists” because anytime anyone’s life is at stake, they are gunna say “oh god or god please help.”  It really annoys me that he says this. The way I see it is that it’s kind of like a common expression to say “god.”  What do you think about this?

First, how does he know what people say when their life is at stake? From what my military friends have told me the most common words used under fire are, “shit” and “fuck”. Some people run when their life is at stake. Does this mean no one is brave? Even if there are atheists who call out to a god when they are scared, how does this mean that there are no atheists? Using his logic there are no christians because they fear death when under attack and a true christian would welcome the chance to be with his lord. Your teacher is ridiculous and prejudiced. Next time challenge him. Ask him how he knows what he claims? Ask him to show you proof of his claim.

Let us know how it goes. Thanks for the question!

4 thoughts on “No atheists?”

  1. *sigh*. Your teacher is trying to invalidate atheism and implicitly assert that everybody has a belief in his god, whether they express it or not. I understand that most religions believe they are right and everybody else is wrong (which makes sense, because if you didn’t think you were right then why hold a belief?) But, the arrogance of assuming you can tell other people what those people themselves think/believe is disgusting IMO.

    BTW, is your teacher part of the K-12 public school system? If so, I feel for you man!

  2. It’s really quite an ingenious idea, because it allows believers to think that all those worryingly confident atheists are not just wrong but insincere, and dismiss their whole position. In this way it’s similar to the idea that people deny God because they’re sinners who are afraid of judgement. Some people can really think there’s no such thing as an atheist for their whole lives, unless they become one themselves and realise first-hand that it is indeed possible not to believe.

  3. Actually George … there are no theists !

    This is because almost every human being goes on with his/ her life oblivious to god & religion … it’s only sometimes during crises that some people call to some sort of a god briefly and then carry on with the business of trying to survive (or succumb to) the crisis.

    I haven’t seen too many people bother about god that much except for when their income depends on it or when they are probing some fundamental questions.
    So … to repeat … there are no theists.

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