Feb 21

The Human Body: The Amazing Multitudinous Dichotomy

Question from Robert: Message: To whom it may concern: How can you explain the amazing complexity of human beings? The average human body has between 75 to 100 trillion cells. If no God, how could trillions of cells, which have … Continue reading

Feb 18

Three Ducks In A Row

Question from Bryson: 1. Based on Mendel’s work, only genes, not physical acquired traits are passed to the next generation. Now, based on that, what mechanism in nature creates new genetic codes to build an improved animal? None that I … Continue reading

Feb 02

Ham vs Nye: Whoever Wins, Who Really Wins?

Question from Jordan: Hello ATA. I was wondering how you felt about the upcoming Ham/Nye debate. From what I can tell, most atheists are not happy about the debate. They claim that an atheist should never debate a creationist because … Continue reading

Jan 31

The Poorly-Tuned Universe?

Question from Alex: Hi, this question has the intention to find if there are direct counter-examples of the fine-tuning argument, by this I mean constants that could be adjustable without impeding the emergence of life in the universe; are there … Continue reading