Dec 24

A Little More Than Kin, And Less Than “Kind”

Question from Anisa: Message: Is there any observable evidence of Darwinian evolution where there is a CHANGE OF KIND? By ‘KIND’, I mean from monkey to human etc. Not adaptation. CHANGE OF KIND. Answer by SmartLX: “Kind” in this context … Continue reading

Dec 14

The World of Leftover Energy

Question from Andrew: Why do atheists like Stenger say that the universe can be eternal, when this does not hold? Stenger argues that the universe can be eternal, non-created, extrapolating the law of conservation of energy-mass before the planck time, … Continue reading

Nov 25

Eternal Imperative Redux

Question from Rick: In previous discussions it appears that we have come to rational conclusions: – Two positions of understanding exist: everything came from absolute nothingness or there is an “eternal imperative”. Most “thinking” people know that an “eternal imperative” … Continue reading